I’m making a break for the hills after 30 years of the rat race. Hard to believe the dream has finally arrived, but the wait was definitely worth it. This blog will chronicle my travels and adventures through the U.S and Canada’s wilder parts in a 1978 VW camper named Burning Girl (more on her later), connecting with friends and family along the way. Hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to.


6 Responses to About

  1. Pete B says:

    More pictures! How is the weather holding up? Are you going to drive the Dempster? Haul Road?

    Call me when you’re loading the Burning Girl on the freighter in Sitka and sailing for Provideniya. Will email the DMV in Okrug and ask they FedEx Russian plates.

    Best wishes for a continued safe and mechanically problem-less journey it looks incredible.

    Taking phone calls? When?

  2. David Rollins says:

    Hey Rich
    You da man! I’m with ya! Safe travels. Great photos. Buy some boots, gonna get cold soon!
    Dave Rollins

  3. anncony says:

    hi Richard. What a great journey you are on. Your photos are fabulous and make me wish I were there, too. I lived in Alaska in the 1980s (Anchorage and Juneau). There’s nothing like it. I am so glad you’re on this discovery adventure thing. Gives me a vicarious thrill. A long way from Manhasset, isn’t it?

  4. john cerick says:

    Jason, more photos please!

  5. Ralph Baugher says:

    Beautiful scenery, steer clear of the grizzlies.

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