The Big Easy

Kind of strange to fly somewhere after the past nine weeks of arriving solely via Burning Girl, but I’m down in New Orleans to see Matt for the weekend. NO has grown steadily on me ever since my first visit, taking Matt to Tulane his freshman year. Matt is back working a second year for AmeriCorps, helping to rebuild the city in Katrina’s aftermath. He really cares about other people, and he’s walking the walk here everyday to help others who really need it.

The music and food here are absolutely without equal. It’s almost overwhelming, because everywhere you turn, there is ridiculously great food and vibes.  The people and pace are also completely unique – there’s a friendliness, contentment and live and let live attitude that makes everything totally cool and chilled. It really is great to be back, and I know that going forward, I’ll be getting a New Orleans fix on a fairly regular basis.

I decided to stroll around the French Quarter looking for interesting things to capture on the street. In New Orleans, it’s the people as much as the architecture and landscape that captivate.


About rcerick838

Just made a break for the hills after 30 years of the rat race. Hard to believe the dream has finally arrived, but the wait was worth it. This blog will chronicle my travels around the U.S and Canada's wilder parts in a VW camper named Burning Girl (more on her later), connecting with friends and family along the way. Hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to.
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2 Responses to The Big Easy

  1. Jim Robinson says:

    Hi Richard,
    I just got a chance to check your blog. Great trip, comments and photos. I have been fortunate to visited most of these places and enjoyed them as you have. Traci and I like going places after kids are back in school and Yellowstone as you experienced is stunning any time but mind blowing when you see more wildlife than people. We moved to Austin from Dallas two weeks ago and if we’re en route at any time, come visit.
    Enjoy the journey…

    • rcerick838 says:

      Jim – wow – great to hear from you. Glad you know the magic of these wild places. They really touch and stay with you. Austin – what a terrific move. Would love to visit you one of these days. Take care and thanks for checking in.

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