Aspen’s Glow

Beautiful afternoon yesterday – the snow stopped falling, the sun came out and the mountains glistened. I drove out towards Independence Pass, which was closed after the storm, and poked around a bit.

Winter putting the moves on autumn

Independence Pass from afar

Looking back towards Ajax

Neighboring peaks

Back in Park City – chill zone number two. Time to shower and clean up.



About rcerick838

Just made a break for the hills after 30 years of the rat race. Hard to believe the dream has finally arrived, but the wait was worth it. This blog will chronicle my travels around the U.S and Canada's wilder parts in a VW camper named Burning Girl (more on her later), connecting with friends and family along the way. Hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to.
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2 Responses to Aspen’s Glow

  1. anncony says:

    Richard, your photos continue to astound. I am so jealous! Thanks for making me feel like I’m 17 again. I gotta get back to Alaska, at least to visit. Carry on, man. And long live the spirit of Burning Girl!

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